Your Ballet Shoes Should Be Made and Customised To Your Feet


The journey to finding a perfectly well-fitted pair of ballet shoes is quite familiar to almost every ballet dancer. Not too long ago, there were only a few designs and styles available for ballerinas to choose their pointe shoes. Thankfully, now there are many options readily available. However, there is one factor that is more important than anything else – size.

It is essential to have the right size of ballet shoes for the best performance, which is why ballet shoes should always be custom-made to fit your feet.


Why Are Custom Made Shoes Important?

If your shoes do not fit your feet accurately, you will likely end up hurting or injuring yourself. Every individual has a different shape, size, and length when it comes to their feet; therefore, dancers, especially beginners, who are purchasing their ballet shoes for the first time, should go to a reputable ballet store that can create the perfect snugly fit customised ballet shoes.

A good, modern pointe shoe can easily be adjusted according to the size in various ways to achieve the desired fitting. Several parts of the shoe can impact the fitting, which is why seeking help from an expert will go a long way.

While some parents may aim to buy ballet shoes with a little room to grow into for a cost-effective purchase, this is strictly not advisable. Dance shoes should fit right for the dancer to be able to move swiftly with dance without worrying about falling or tripping.

There is also a safety factor involved while choosing your ballet shoes. For instance, if the dancing shoes are too large, it may leave the foot unsupported, which will affect the dance technique, progress, and posture.

Ballet shoes are arguably the most important piece of dancewear for every young ballerina, which is why they should fit perfectly. Like any other outdoor or casual shoes you wear, poor fitted or unsuitable shoes can make you uncomfortable and affect the foot health. Thus, ballet shoes should be flattering and supportive to the feet of the dancers.

Whether you buy your shoes online or have them custom-made, it is always essential to inspect the fitting in person to get a complete idea about your options. A child has growing feet, so you will have to get custom-made ballet shoes for them from time to time.

A well-fitted foot does not hurt your feet too much afterward and is comfortable to wear. We recommend that you get customised ballet shoes to give your child the best ballet dancing experience you could ever imagine. For more information, please contact us to assist you.