What The Pro's Say

You’ll find Gaynor Mindens on the world’s most magnificent stages, on the feet of today’s most brilliant dancers. You’ll also find them in serious studios, recommended by respected teachers and coaches, on students of all levels including beginners.

Gillian Murphy

Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre

“As a professional dancer, I’ve come to realize that what makes this art form truly magical is something beyond technique. Gaynor Mindens give me the added confidence to reach this next level. I know my shoes will be soundless and fit perfectly. I go onstage ready to completely enjoy the movement and the moment.”


Gelsey Kirkland

Co-Director of The Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet;

Former Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre

“Finally, there is a pointe shoe that makes no noise! In addition, Gaynor Mindens have a gracefully tapered vamp allowing the line of the leg and foot to become one. The tip of the box is completely flat, making the shoe truly excellent for balancing and turning. To me, the most beautiful characteristic of the shoe is that it allows the artist to whisper.”


Alina Cojocaru

Principal Dancer, English National Ballet, The Royal Ballet

“In Gaynor Mindens I am free to take my dancing to my highest possible level, because I never worry about consistency, durability, comfort, or quietness. I cannot imagine going back to a traditional pointe shoe.”


Yekaterina Kondaurova

Principal Dancer, The Mariinsky Ballet

“Most important is that Gaynor Minden shoes make my feet more pliable and expressive — alive and speaking.”


Maria Calegari

Repetiteur, The Balanchine Trust and The Robbins Rights TrustFormer Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet, Co-Director of Caleco Ballet Studio

“Some of the most accomplished ballerinas that I have worked with on Balanchine’s ballets have given definitive performances of these great works of dance in their Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. Alina Cojocaru in Jewels/Diamonds, Veronika Part and Maria Ricetto in Mozartiana and Deanna Seay in Ballet Imperial, all dancing some of the most intricate, difficult, and expressive pointe work made for a ballerina. They must move quickly and smoothly on and off of their pointe shoes. The Gaynor Minden shoe clearly enables these female artists to bring their great skill and beauty to the stage time after time.”


Erica Cornejo

Principal Dancer, Boston Ballet

“Ballet has always been hard but Gaynor Minden makes it easier. I love them! They don’t make any noise when I jump, and I can use the same pair many times because they last longer.”


Julia Erickson

Principal Dancer, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

“Gaynor Minden pointe shoes free me to focus on the important parts of dance — the execution of its athleticism and artistry with a joyous, unburdened heart!”


Yuri Fateev

Ballet Director, Mariinsky Ballet, St. Petersburg, Russia

“Gaynor Minden pointe shoes make feet look elegant, conceal their imperfections, and protect them effectively. They stand out for their flexibility; a dancer can easily make soft roll-ups and downs without ‘springing’ onto pointe. This is an effective way to develop foot strength and technique.”