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Gaynor Minden - What Makes Them Better?



Pointe shoes may look dainty, with the classic elegance of luxurious pink satin, but they also need to endure incredible force and repeated strain. Gaynor Minden pointe shoes retain all the grace of a traditional pointe shoe yet with a completely modernised interior to meet the athleticism of today's dance, you can find them right here in the heart of Syndey at More to the Pointe! They are hand crafted with the most up to date athletic materials using not only expert American craftmanship but also a first-hand knowledge of ballet. It takes a ballet dancer to truly understand the value of an outstanding pointe shoe and both the designer and most of the team are former dancers. 

Photo: E.Patino C/O Gaynor Minden



Australia’s largest stockist Gaynor Minden and Virtisse Pointe Shoes with Sydney’s most experienced fitters. Our pointe shoes are available from $170

Shanks & Boxes: Flexible Polymers


Gaynor Mindens last 3-6 times longer than pointe shoes constructed using traditional methods. The shank and the toe box, the parts which actually provide support for the dancer, are made from advanced flexible polymers which surpass the 19th century paste and cardboard construction found in most other brands.  The buoyancy and support you will feel in the new shoe will remain the same throughout its life so it is so important to select a level of stiffness that feels broken in when new-they do not soften with use like traditionally constructed pointe shoes. Gaynor Minden offer FIVE stiffness options for stock shoes and there are additional options available through special order. Our prised polymers are a type of synthetic material which delivers extraordinary flexibility, strength and resilience. The materials used are also found in athletic equipment, prosthetics and medical devices - they are not fiberglass or rubber. The rigorous testing process demonstrates that Gaynor Mindens can withstand hundreds and thousands of releves without any deformation or weakening of the shank or box. Shanks are pre-arched, offering better support and a prettier line, as well as promoting correct alignment (see FAQ). however the dancer must still work her feet in moving through demi-pointe position.

Find your Gaynor Minden Pointe shoes right here in Syndey.

Cushioning: Poron (The Real Thing)

The lining of Gaynor Mindens is made from the same cellular urethane foam found in high performance athletic shoes. Genuine Poron Performance Cushioning can absorb significant impact even when only 1.5mm to 3.1mm thick - no comparison to cheap latex or EVA foams. It always rebounds to its original state of resilience and doesn't 'bottom out' like so many other cushions. For comfort and effectiveness, the density of the Poron varies depending on the area of the pointe shoe. For all around comfort and shock absorption, a light density layer (1.5mm) is directly underneath the length of the foot. Underneath the heel, to ensure you never feel the edge of the shank, protective medium density Poron cushions the area. Underneath the toes (instead of pleats) Gaynor Mindens contain high density noise and impact reducing materials, so landing is as quiet and fluid as possible.


Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are available in 7 different satin options:
  • Pink
  • Pink Luxe (+$5, more information below)
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha
  • Espresso
  • White (+$10)
  • Red (+$10)
  • Black (+$10)

This shoe is an outstanding performance all rounder. It is stunning in a photo shoot and incredible for performances. When you need your shoes to look their best, custom and satin finishes cultivate a luxurious, professional image. While adding a touch of glamour, the LUXE shoes are still durable, impact absorbing and quiet. The satin technology is often considered even more comfortable by the professionals who wear it. Just be aware that the LUXE satin has a cushiony lining which can change the feeling slightly, you may notice a slight change in support when you switch to LUXE satin.


Please email: or phone 0414510242 for more information regarding your LUXE order for Gaynor Minden Shoes in Sydney.



Facing You: Silver Linings

This shoe has been thoughtfully designed with the modern, athletic dancer in mind. Our linings, treated with silver ion, are slightly textured to help prevent the shoe from sliding along the foot. Extra design benefits can be seen in the drawstring which opens at the side rather than the throat so it won't irritate the top of your foot. After being tied, the natural space at your arch conceals the drawstring, making a clean, uninterrupted line along the vamp. The pleatless platform creates a greater useable surface en pointe and stabilises you in penche flat, meaning less wobbles. The clever design leaves more space for impact and noise reducing materials under the satin. Platforms are available in either suede or satin.

Luxe Satin —plush, self-smoothing, and extra-comfortable—is ideal for performances or photo shoots and is available by special order. It’s a stock shoe you can customize. Full sizes and half sizes, most in 3 widths, 4 box shapes, 5 stiffnesses, 2 vamps, 3 heel types including Sleekfit for narrow heels. Special orders, allow further customization including extra shank reinforcement, white satin, Luxe satin, suede platforms, and adjustments to sides, vamp, and heel.