About More To The Pointe

My Story

“My best experience yet has been with the Gaynor Minden pointe shoes and I’m passionate about making them more readily available than ever to Sydney dancers” Jodie Muir.

Jodie Muir trained at the Australian Ballet School, and went on to complete her RAD teaching certificate. She has been teaching for over 15 years during which time she has taught beginners through to pre-professionals, exposing her to many different feet in all types of ballet shoes. After Jodie experienced two stress fractures herself at the ages of 16 then 17, she feels passionate about the safety and health of dancers feet!

About Us

Jodie has been given the privilege by Eliza and John Minden to bring the Gaynor Minden shoe to Sydney and has had the pleasure of learning how to fit their shoes in New York by the Gaynor Minden team. Whether you are a beginner student looking for a shoe, which gives good alignment, support and comfort or a pre-professional with a hyper mobile foot, Gaynor Minden’s custom fit pointe shoe has just the right fit for you!

“What I love most about Gaynor Minden shoes is that the shoe is a custom fit pointe shoe in any combination of seven different elements and has a reputation of outlasting it’s competitors”.

  1. Shank strength - 5 options
  2. Shoe shape – 3 options
  3. Shoe width - 3 options
  4. Box width – 4 options
  5. Vamp – low or high
  6. Heel – low or high
  7. Length – from 4 – 13.5 (in half size increments)

Jodie is taking appointments for fittings in Sydney. Jodie will also provide a mobile service for group bookings to custom fit your dancers feet. Please ring or email to book your appointment.